Caddo Watershed is a small family-run boat building company based in Texas, specializing in the design and building of unique wooden canoes and paddles.

Our aim is to custom build canoes, kayaks, and paddles under the direct specifications of the customer. Working closely with our customers we are able to build the perfect canoe, kayak or paddle to suit your desires, and all of this for the lowest price as possible.

Proprietor Starr Bowen designs and builds the canoes, kayaks, and paddles based on his own designs or on the antique Rushton designs. By personally communicating with you, Starr can design and build the perfect canoe to suit you as an individual based on your specific needs. You will be assured of quality craftsmanship at an honest price and you are guaranteed to treasure your unique watercraft for many years to come.

We also have a variety of canoes that have already been tried and tested. They come with a few scratches and a lot of history, having traversed the Boundary Waters of Canada, and felt the rushing water of the rivers of Texas underneath their hulls. They have been part of Starr’s evolvement as a craftsman, as he perfects each canoe.

But we do not just build and sell canoes. We advocate a way of life. The canoe can be a sacred vessel in which you can spend a day in meditation and relaxation, admiring all that nature has to offer, floating peacefully along in a work of art. Essentially, art, practicality, and nature come together on board a Caddo Watershed canoe.